Learning is Fun Where You Can Play and Run

Monday - Friday

Imagine arriving with your students to learn about our natural world. As your group journeys down the gravel road, you notice a herd of american bison grazing on the prairie, brown bears playing and swimming in a pond, and look over there, can you see the wolves peeking at your group from the top of a ridge. The excitement of it all will instill a lifetime of environmental awareness for your students.

Color coded educational signs and markers are located on your journey, along with plenty of fun facts. 

There are fun physical activities along the way and five hands on learning centers to explore.

To keep the excitement level high, in each of the learning centers a take home souvenir is found to help your students remember what they have learned.

To increase sensitivity between students and zoo residents, there are friendly animals through out the main zoo and in the farm petting zoo, which are always a high lite to everyone's day.

Even today, after 30 years we still hear "This is the best field trip ever"!

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